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About the Course

Brief Description

Surveillance & Stewardship Intensive takes a deeper dive into building your Healthcare-Acquired Infection (HAI) surveillance program, and creating and maintaining an Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP) in your facility. This course will describe the relationship between McGeer criteria for Healthcare-Acquired Infection (HAI) surveillance and Loeb criteria for antibiotic stewardship, instructing participants on when and how to use each. Participants will learn how to analyze and risk-adjust data, and create reports for HAI surveillance and antibiotic stewardship for both Quality Assessment & Assurance (QAA) and ASP committees.

Course Objectives 

At the completion of the course, participant will be able to

  • Explain how to relate the HAI surveillance process with the Antibiotic Stewardship Program

  • Describe the Infection Preventionist's role in the ASP

  • Create and analyze HAI and antibiotic stewardship reports for facility committees

Who Should Attend This Course 

This course is for Infection Preventionists (IPs) in Long-Term Care.  It deals with current topics important to today's infection prevention and control program. For those that have attended Boot Camp or other basic Infection Prevention & Control programs, this program will build on that foundation.

  • Infection Preventionists

  • Licensed Nurses

  • Directors of Staff Development

  • Pharmacists

  • Directors of Nursing

  • Administrators

Course Content

​HAI Surveillance

  • Review McGeer criteria and apply it to performing HAI surveillance

  • Apply criteria in case studies

Understand how to utilize McGeer criteria appropriately and create meaningful reports of data to improve outcomes

Antibiotic Stewardship Program

  • Review Loeb criteria and apply it to antibiotic stewardship

  • Apply criteria in case studies

Understand how to utilize Loeb criteria appropriately and create meaningful reports of data to improve outcomes

Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • Analyze data using charts (e.g., trend, run, pie)

  • Create HAI surveillance reports for QAA committee

  • Create antibiotic utilization reports for ASP committee

  • Risk-adjust findings and analyze data for reporting to committee

Utilize various tools to analyze both HAI surveillance and antibiotic utilization data and how to create meaningful reports

In-Person Classroom Learning

Persons selecting this option will attend a live one-day in-person class. Participants must attend the entire conference for full continuing education credits. Attendance at this venue offers the participants an opportunity to interact directly with the course faculty.

Surveillance & Stewardship Intensive




1 day - 6 hours

Your Instructors

Dolly Greene & Nancy Parris

Dolly Greene and Nancy Parris are both Registered Nurses and Certified in Infection Control (CIC) and have extensive experience in Infection Prevention and Control in long-term care.

Dolly Greene & Nancy Parris
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