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Infection Prevention & Control Resources (IPCR) is a consulting service providing training in infection prevention and control specific to long-term care.  Dolly Greene and Nancy Parris are the founding partners of IPCR.  Both have extensive experience working in Infection Prevention and Control and in teaching fundamentals and advanced courses.  They have been invited guest speakers at national and international professional conferences and have participated in research studies, published articles and authored book chapters.  They have lobbied Congress, California Health and Labor Committee and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) for regulatory changes affecting healthcare practices.

Both Dolly and Nancy are committed to providing quality education and training for Infection Preventionists in long-term care and helping to bridge the gap in the continuum of care between health care settings.

Shaping the Future of Infection Prevention
in Long-Term Care

In 2017 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will require that each long-term care facility (LTCF) create an Infection Prevention and Control Program (IPCP) and designate an Infection Preventionist (IP) for which implementation and management of the Infection Prevention and Control Program is their major responsibility.  They further maintain that the Infection Preventionist receives specialized training in the field of Infection Prevention and Control.

All staff within a long-term care facility receive basic training in infection prevention and control but the expectation is that the Infection Preventionist's training will go well beyond basic training. They will require that the Infection Preventionist be a healthcare professional with specialized training in infection prevention and control beyond their initial professional degree.

Infection Prevention and Control Resources is offering a two-day comprehensive training course that will provide the Infection Preventionist with the tools to set up an effective Infection Prevention and Control Program along with the elements required to create a successful program.

Examples from real situations will be discussed and tools to help perform their job will be shared.

Persons successfully completing the program will receive a certificate indicating that the have completed a training program in Infection Prevention and Control in the Long-Term Care Setting.

“I  really appreciated the effort you made to use adult learning principles and to keep participants engaged.  Great job!” Cindy P. Corporate nurse consultant
“The entire course was relevant to my practice; it was all valuable.” Shemika M. DON
“All topics were interesting and very informative to enhance our knowledge.” Mavelyn R. DSD
“Everything was valuable and so well presented especially how to start educating staff on UTI Prevention, everything was PERFECT!” Cita G. DSD
“Antibiotic Stewardship Program - very specific and easy to implement.” Margarita K. Administrator
“Entire program was excellent.” Lisa H. DSD
“Every single topic was very beneficial and important!” Aida Y. DON
“If there is any program that you guys will do, I'll definitely attend.” Maynise N. IP

“All of the topics are very beneficial to my job.  Dolly and Nancy are great speakers!” Lou G. DSD
“Excellent workshop.  Very interactive and educational.  Excellent speakers!” Joan D. DON
“Looking forward to Boot Camp 2 - let's go deeper!” Susan G. DSD
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