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About the Course

Brief Description

Regs, Risk & Reports Intensive focuses on understanding F-Tags and regulations applicable to long-term care, and building a robust infection prevention & control program. Topics include:

F-Tags and Regulations and Guidelines Pertinent to Infection Prevention & Control

Performing a risk assessment and developing a surveillance plan

Performing a gap analysis and create a SMART action plan

Course Objectives

At the completion of the course, participant will be able to

  • Identify three (3) F-Tags that pertain to Infection Control

  • Explain the difference between a regulation and a guideline

  • Describe two (2) possible consequences for a facility receiving an IJ - Immediate Jeopardy citation

  • Develop a robust surveillance plan based on a facility risk assessment

  • Describe how to perform a gap analysis and create a SMART action plan

  • Discuss opportunities for process improvement utilizing a variety of tools in stewardship efforts

Who Should Attend This Course 

This course is for Infection Preventionists (IPs) in long-term care.  It deals with current topics important to today's infection prevention and control program. For those that have attended Boot Camp or other basic Infection Prevention & Control programs, this program will build on that foundation.

  • Infection Preventionists

  • Licensed Nurses

  • Directors of Staff Development

  • Directors of Nursing

  • Administrators

Course Content

​The Infection Preventionist's Guide to CMS

  • Review a comprehensive list of the F-Tags for long-term care facilities

  • Discuss the significance of citations incurred during survey

  • Describe how to comply with F-Tag 945, the most recent F-Tag related to Infection Control

Review the CMS F-Tags specific to long-term care facilities and strategies to comply with the regulations and, in particular, the most recent F-Tag 945

Risk Assessment

  • Perform a program evaluation and risk assessment

  • Establish infection prevention surveillance plan and goals

  • Perform a gap analysis and create a SMART action plan

  • Establish priorities based on action plans

Understand the relationship between a program evaluation, infection prevention risk assessment, and surveillance plan and goals

QAPI Tools

  • Review QAPI tools frequently used in long-term care

  • Learn how to determine root causes (e.g., Fishbone and Five Whys) and frequency of problems (e.g., Pareto chart)

  • Discuss type of chart (e.g., trend, run, pie) and how to use them

  • Review team techniques, such as brainstorming

Utilize various tools to analyze both HAI surveillance and antibiotic utilization data to determine root causes as a means to improve outcomes

In-Person Classroom Learning

Persons selecting this option will attend a live one-day in-person class. Participants must attend the entire conference for full continuing education credits. Attendance at this venue offers the participants an opportunity to interact directly with the course faculty.

Regs, Risk & Reports Intensive




1 day - 6 hours

Your Instructors

Dolly Greene & Nancy Parris

Dolly Greene and Nancy Parris are both Registered Nurses and Certified in Infection Control (CIC) and have extensive experience in Infection Prevention and Control in long-term care.

Dolly Greene & Nancy Parris
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